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What is the Nature of Legend?

From the Yakama Nation Museum


The world of Giants prepared the way for the world we know today.

The world of Giants is the subject of legend. 

The legends tell the history of our People, and

Teach us by example how to live and die. 


Legends teach that mastery in the art of living takes time, and

Only the elders are wise.

Legends teach that the universal truths are revealed by experience,

When man is alive to the world of spirit in which he lives. 


Legends predict the secrets of Nature

We can perhaps unlock for ourselves,

In a world where a tree can be our protector or our enemy, and

A chipmunk can have a sense of humor.


Legends tell of powers of Nature

We must treat with great respect. 

We are but visitors here,

Charged with preserving and passing on our heritage

In abundance and unharmed.