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Storytelling Lesson Plan

by Barbara Strobel

Grades: 4 and 5

Duration: 4 – 6 days


  • To engage children in the art of storytelling
  • To develop public speaking skills

Materials Needed

Teacher Prep:

  • Read part III: Invisible wonders of Spooky New England (you can really use any section but the part III stories work the best.)
  • Choose 1 story to become familiar with. You will re-tell this story to your class.
  • See web site for tips on storytelling:

Day 1


  • Share spooky New England with students
  • Read your chosen story to the class

  • What is storytelling?
  • What makes a good storyteller?
  • Retelling without sounding like it is memorized
  • Know the key points of your story.
  • Practice

Day 2

    Model Storytelling:

  • Retell the story you have read to the class making sure to demonstrate points to the class that you previously discussed.
  • Have the students share what they noticed about your storytelling that made it good.

  • Students will read stories from Spooky New England Part III (Or whatever section you want them to look at.)
  • They will choose 1 story that they want to work with.

Day 3


  • Go over the rubric with the students
  • Go over the peer conferencing sheet with them

  • Students will start practicing their story
  • Students meet with a partner
  • They critique each others storytelling abilities using the peer conferencing sheet

Day 4


  • Students will meet in groups of 3 or 4
  • Each will take a turn telling their story
  • Each member of the group will fill out a peer conferencing sheet for the other members of the group.

Day 5


  • Students will present their story to the class.
  • The teacher will use the rubric to assess the students