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"If you have ever felt a chill as you walked past a Vermont graveyard, or felt an unseen hand brush against you on a mountain in Maine, you will love Spooky New England. And if you don't believe in ghosts--you will."
- Michael Carlton, Editor, Yankee Magazine
"Spooky New England is one of those books that you cannot put down until you reach the end...This is the ideal book for curling on the couch on a rainy afternoon and enjoying an entertaining read."
- Rambles: A Cultural Arts Magazine
"The author lets the stories speak for themselves which is virtue not possessed by many folklore books... "
- Dennis Phillips, Top 1000 Reviewer,
"If preparations for Halloween have put you in an eerie frame of mind, S.E. Schlosser has the perfect book for you..."
- Donna McCrohan Rosenthal, Ridge Writers
"If you've not yet seen North Country specters slinking about cemeteries and creaky old homes, now you can � "
"The great thing about this book is that, like most folklore, it seems like you've read or heard most of the stories before. They exist in the periphery of our memory, and reading them again is like coming home to hear familiar stories from a favorite grandmother..."
- Matt Staggs,
"...Every page in this book (Spooky Virginia) was a welcome return to the kind of ghost story I like best--haunting tales of things gone wrong, cruelty repaid, and horrors revisited again and again."
- Rob McMonigal, The Book Stew
"S.E. Schlosser is a well-known author of "Spooky" books, and (Spooky Campfire Tales) is one of her best! The stories are excellent for any Cub Scout outing, being quite scary and relatively short... These stories are great, really hitting the target with listeners of any age."
- Kurt A. Johnson, Amazon Hall of Fame Review, Vine Voice.
"...Ghosts, ghouls, pirates and the devil abound in the legends of Maryland. Schlosser's ability to invent and craft an engaging short story around a fantastic legend, no matter how implausible, is a refreshing way of looking at legend and lore. Lovers of both history and a well-told tale will enjoy this interesting collection...If you enjoy a tale born solely of legend and lore and crafted by a master raconteur, you'll find it here."
- Lee Lukaszewicz,
"Schlosser retells her tales with an easy narrative touch, whether sending a chill down your spine or making you nod appreciatively. She sees the scary, tragic and even occasionally comic in situations such as a disbeliever's encounter with Sasquatch and a prisoner's attempt to strike a bargain with the devil by offering his wife in exchange for freedom." (Spooky California.)
- D.M. Rosenthal, Ridge Writers News Review Columnist.

The Spookiest Campfire Stories: Forty Frightening Tales Told by the Firelight
Nothing goes better with gooey s'mores and a glowing campfire than a ghost story. Vampires, werewolves, witches, Bloody Mary, the Wendigo, and other frightening specters populate the pages of this compelling collection of S.E. Schlosser’s best ghost stories and her favorite horror classics from Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens and more. From a mad logger to the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow, these tales will send shivers up the spines of every camper.

Spooky California

Slowly, two eyes burned themselves into the paper, and a wide grinning mouth with the shattered remains of teeth took shape. "Vengeance," the mouth whispered...

Spooky Campfire Tales

Charlie was startled awake by a familiar sound. He sat bolt upright with an oath. It sounded just like Myrtle playing on the piano. But this was impossible, since she was buried behind the woodshed...

More Spooky Campfire Tales

My hand shook as I reached for the door handle. Praying that whatever dark power was out there would leave me alone, I leapt out of the car...

Spooky Canada

"It comes," Summer Moon intoned. "It comes with the storm!" Only the chief dared face the frenzied wise woman. "What comes, good mother?" he asked. She turned her glowing eyes upon him. "Wendigo."

Spooky Colorado

I wanted out of Dead Man's Canyon before night. I urged my horse back into our working jog. Suddenly, he tossed up his head and froze in place. My teeth began to chatter, but I kept my finger on the trigger. And then the phantom came for me...

Spooky Florida

'Take it down!' the captain roared. "Take it down and bury it!" He staggered away from the head on the pike, which reappeared before him. The woman's dead eyes gazed defiantly into his own, her long gray hair blowing wildly in the wind.

Spooky Georgia

I called to Jimmy, who was just a yard in front of me, but he couldn't see the spirit floating toward us across the marsh. Puffs of freezing air formed in front of my nostrils as the little girl started to sing: "I know moonrise, I know star-rise, Lay dis body down."

Spooky Indiana

"Father...." a voice hissed softly a few paces to his right. Old Man Whales screamed and whirled around. Blood Mary stood smiling at him through her blood-stained, razor-sharp teeth.

Spooky Maryland

The words in the article he was reading were following a faint, rhythmic pattern: Da-dum. Da-dum. Da-dum. It sounded like dead Polly's heart beat. Jason screamed in terror and flung himself out of the house...

Spooky Massachusetts

As I drove down the street paralleling the graveyard, I saw a white figure moving among the tombstones. She was walking slowly as if she bore a heavy weight and she was glowing from the inside...

Spooky Michigan

Standing just inside the gate was a hooded form. Two white-blue eyes blazed out of the cowl that covered its head, and skeletal fingers gripped a large scythe. The air crackled with the energy of a thousand bolts of lightning...

Spooky Montana

I awoke in the middle of the night feeling a cold breeze piercing my sleeping bag. Something huge and heavy began to press me down into the mattress. It covered my whole body. I tried to breathe, but the darkness smothered my nose and mouth...

Spooky New England

The Devil said: "I can make you the richest man in the province if you sell your soul to me," he drew a thick parchment from his pocket. "On the first day of each month after the agreement is signed, I will fill your boots with gold."

Spooky New Jersey

"North Plainfield Fire Department," I said into the phone, expecting to hear the dispatcher calling us to a fire. Instead, a frantic woman's voice rang over the connection: "We need you to come at once. There is a terrible ghost in our house and we want you to remove it!"

Spooky New Orleans

"Pull up a chair or gather round the campfire and get ready for creepy tales of ghostly hauntings, eerie happenings, and other strange occurrences under the New Orleans skies. Whether read around the campfire on a dark and stormy night or from the backseat of the family van on the way to grandma's, this is a collection to treasure. "

Spooky New York

Suddenly, his eye was caught by a light rising from the ground in the cemetery. His heart pounded in fear as before his startled eyes, a white mist burst forth from an unmarked grave and formed into a large horse carrying a headless rider.

Spooky North Carolina

'My riiiiiinnngg! I want my ring!' the ghost of Kate wailed. The pressure on Mary's ears was something awful. She clapped both hands over her ears and shouted: 'I ain't got it!' 'Yes You DO!' roared the ghost.

Spooky Oregon

"Don't be silly," she told herself, forcing her shaking legs up another step. "The noise was just the loose shutter blowing in the wind." And then all the hair on the back of her neck stood on end as she realized she could hear something breathing behind her...

Spooky Pennsylvania

I was awakened by soft strains of music that seemed to come from everywhere at once. As I listened, the haunting melody faded away. And then I heard my wife screaming.

Spooky South

A thumping noise awoke him. It sounded like an animal was climbing up the side of the cabin. He heard a scratch, scratch, scratching noise, like the claws of a cat. And then a voice rang out: "Tailypo, Tailypo; all I want's my Tailypo."

Spooky South Carolina

All at once, the moon came sliding out from behind a cloud, lighting the scene in front of me. And I screamed. I couldn't help it. The skeleton of a horse was rising out of the water, dripping mud and dead leaves and gunk of all sorts...

Spooky Southwest

La Llorona was once a widow who wished to marry a rich nobleman. However, the nobleman did not want to raise another man's children and so he dismissed her cruelly. But the widow was determined to have the nobleman for her own, no matter what dire deed she must do to win him...

Spooky Texas

I saw a white figure rise up from the ground right behind Alberto. The familiar shaking began in my knees. "Alberto!" I shouted. Alberto whirled around and the handle of his shovel went right through the body of the ghost...

Spooky Virginia

As if he sensed my thoughts, Goggle-Eyed Jim turned his face toward the window. His eyes, behind the goggles, seemed to glow with a greenish-blue light. His face was so gray and withered, he seemed like a corpse...

Spooky Washington

A huge wind swept through the bedroom, bringing with it the damp, salty smell of the sea. Billy sat bolt upright, heart thundering against his ribs, as a bloated, red-haired figure stepped down from the vastness of the eternal horizon and into the bedroom...

Spooky Wisconsin

There was an oddly metallic smell in the air - the smell of blood. Something was wrong! Lucille wrenched the doors open and stepped into the barn, the light from her lantern flickering across the dusty floor. Then she saw the broken body of her husband lying a few feet away...

Spooky Yellowstone

He looked up towards the Crows Nest, far above, and saw a glowing figure in a white wedding gown slowly descending the stairs from the Crows Nest. Tucked under its arm was a tousle-curled, wide-eyed head! Frozen with horror, the man watched the bride descend the steps and float along the corridor...

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S. E. Schlosser has been telling stories since she was a child, when games of "let's pretend" quickly built themselves into full-length stories. A graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and Rutgers University, she also created and maintains the Web site, where she shares a wealth of stories from all fifty states.

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