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Sheep Herder’s Lawsuit

A Montana Folktale

A sheep herder from Montana fell afoul of the law and hired a lawyer to get him off if he could. The lawyer realized that it was an open and shut case, and advised the sheep herder to pretend that he had a bit of Sheep Herder’s Complaint.

Sheep Herder’s Complaint strikes the average man who is surrounded by the ever present baa-ing of sheep every day, week after week, year after year. Soon, the sheep herder’s vowel sounds all begin to sound like the bleating of a sheep.

When this particular sheep herder had his day in court, he followed his lawyer’s advice and answered every question with a mournful bleat like a sheep. The judge finally threw the case out, concluding that the sheep herder was incompetent and a complete numbskull from his constant contact with his flock.

Outside in the hallway, his lawyer congratulated him on winning the case, and said: "Now, how about my fee?"

"Baa" replied the sheep herder and left the courthouse.


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