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Pecos Bill and Slue-foot Sue

A Texas Tall Tale

Now, Pecos Bill had a way with wimmen. No doubt. He had dozens of wives during his time. But his one true love was Slue-foot Sue. She was his first wife – and she could ride almost as good as Bill himself.

Bill first saw Slue-foot Sue ridin’ a catfish down the Rio Grande. She was riding standing up and holdin’ on with only one hand sose she could take pot-shots at the clouds with her six-shooter. Was making a right pretty pattern too. Bill jest went head over heels for her. Proposed on the spot. They was married the next day too.

Sue was dressed in one of them white jobs with the large hoops. Looked plumb beautiful. Right after they was married, Sue insisted Bill prove how much he loved her by letting her ride his horse, Widow-maker. Bill couldn’t talk her out of it, so Sue climbed on that great devil of a horse.

Well, Widow-Maker bucked like a maniac, jest as you’d expect. Sue was thrown off – clear up to the clouds. Luckily, Sue was still wearing her springy hoop. When she hit the ground, she bounced up again. But we all soon realized Sue couldn’t stop bouncing. She bounced so high she kept hitting her head on the moon. She was crying and crying buckets of tears, and throwin’ kisses to her new husband. But even he couldn’t stop her bouncing.

We waited three days and four nights. Finally, even Bill realized that she was gonna starve to death before she stopped bouncing, so he had to shoot her. It was a cryin’ shame. Well, time heals wounds, and Bill finally got married again. And again. And again. But I’m tellin’ you, he never felt the same about another woman as he felt for his first wife, Slue-foot Sue.


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