Scary stories

Golden Hand

excerpted from Spooky Oregon
retold by
S. E. Schlosser

Spooky OregonHe never paid much attention to the neighbors living on his city block until the day the pretty middle-aged widow moved in two doors down from him. She was plump and dark with sparkling eyes, and she always wore dark gloves on her hands, even indoors.

He went out of his way to meet her, and they often "bumped" into each other in the street and stood talking. One day, as she brushed the hair back from her forehead, he caught a glimpse of gold under the glove on her right arm. When he asked her about it, she grinned coquettishly and told him that she had lost one hand a few years back and now wore a golden hand in its place. In that moment, a terrible lust woke in his heart - not to possess the lady herself, but to possess the solid gold hand that she wore under her long black gloves.

He courted the widow with every stratagem known to him; flowers, trips to the theater, gifts, compliments. And he won her heart. Within a month, they were standing in front of a minister, promising to love one another until death parted them. Within another month, he was a widower and had buried his ailing wife in the local cemetery - without her golden hand. It had been so easy. A slow poison, administered daily to resemble a wasting disease. No one - not his wife, not the family doctor, not their neighbors - suspected murder. And the night after the funeral, he slept with the golden hand under his pillow.

It was a dark night. Clouds covered the moon, and the wind was whistling down the chimney and rattling the shutters of the town house. He was deeply asleep when the door to his room slammed open with a loud bang and a wild wind whipped around the room, scattering papers and books and clothing and table coverings every which way. He sat up, startled by the sudden noise, and his pulse began to pound when he saw a greenish-white light bobbing slowly into the room. Before his eyes, the light slowly grew larger, taking on the shape of his dead wife. She was missing one arm. "Where is my golden hand?" she moaned, her dark eyes blazing with red fire. "Give me my golden hand!"

He tried to speak, but his mouth was so dry with fear that he could only make soft gasping noises. The glowing phantom moved closer to him, her once-lovely face twisted into a hideous green mask. "You stole my life and you stole my hand. Give me back my golden hand!" the dead wife howled. The noise rose higher and higher, and the phantom pulsed with a strident green light that smote his eyes, making them water.

He cowered back against his pillows, and the hard shape of the golden hand pressed against his back. And then he felt the golden hand twitch underneath him as the mangled green phantom that had been his wife swooped down upon him, pressing his face against the pillow in a suffocating green cloud. He tried to scream, but it was cut off suddenly by a terrible pressure against his throat, cutting off his breath. The world went black.

The next morning, when the housemaid came into the room with her master's morning cup of tea, she found him lying dead on the floor, with the golden hand clutched around his throat.



1 word:aaaahhhh!!!!!

scary stories rock and this one i like it is so scary i scared my brother last night

I've heard this one in a different version, that one he was a 'sailor' and he got murdered and some teens came n stole it and in the morning Cops and Bystanders saw the 2 boys dead, throat slit open. BTW, The man was @ a museum.

i heard this one in a different version with an old lady and her bone to make soup


tht was creepy. ive heard a different vesion of tht.

omg great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg. that waz scary.

wow that was scary

who would marry for a golden hand?

what the hell

(love Boboby) anyway heard it and seen scarier then that its not boring but its not scary either!!!!!!!!

this isnt scarey!!! im 12 and this doesnt frighten me.

It was cool
i wanna read more!!

omg that was great and scary

That's so Dom scary wow I am going to tell that to my friends


Dear Lord...

omg this is cool!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Creepy stuff


wow what is wrong with that man..marrying for a stupid golden hand

Meh. Not scary. Aaaaah. -_-

that was so creepy!!!!

woooooooooow that was sooooooooooooooooooo scary (not) you guys are right this is sooooooooo not scary and why would any one want to marry for a golden hand and i mean really that is soooo four letters D...U...M...B dumb.

i'm 11 and this doesn't scare me

That was a good story, but it wasn't that scary.

Didn't really scare me.

omg that is so stupid, marrying a woman for her hand then again i would lol

that stupid azzzzz story

that is a great story i will read it every day and get realy scared!

not reely

cool, i like this site. too bad the stories arent that scary , but i like them. i have to say i would kill my husband if he took my gold hand , not that i have a husband or a gold hand!lol

i love this f***** story! i would do it but thats just me haha

this story is totally s***. its made up. doesnt scare me and its TOTALLY LAME AND POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!
It was so boring i almost cried thats three minutes of my life ill never get back!

this is stupid. you're supposed to marry if u love some1 NOT IF U R GREEDY AND WANT A GOLDEN HAND!!

that was pretty scary...
im reading this before bed time and i highly think that i will NOT be able to sleep tonight..
i'll be too scared!!!
i hope a golden hand doesnt come and kill me tonight....


OMG its scary


Well, that wasn't as scary as all the coments made it seem.... *L*


that was sooo not scary. but im glad my 18 year old brother and my 17 year old sister isnt reading this..they would prabaly scare me and it would catch me off guard and i wuld freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iiiiiiii lllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiittttttttt it was soo scary!!!!! best story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this thing is SSOOOOOOOOOOO
4 letters
O_O wtf is up with this f***?????
i hate u all
+ maddie


Ive heard many stories like this. Love them all.

very intresting

lol I below 10 and tht didn't scare me its a good story though

wow, thats intense(:

that did not scare me i am under 10 and it did not scare me

Thats gay


i am 11 and not scared but a good story!!!

Im 10 thats crepy

iam sorry but that wasnt scary at all . you need same new stories and from what the other comments say you really do need new stuff.


that wasnt scary im 8 and i showed it to my little sisster whos 4 she lol you need to post something thats not s*** heres one. there were 2 kids the lost them selfs in a swomp running away from the killer that try to!!! see you probrably wanna read more

that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary[not]

Interesting, a little scary, not much tho. And who cares how old u r the story wz nice nd that's all tht matters geez no offense but yea postin ur age on th web isn't so smart ;)

wow, scared the b'jesus outta me.

i heard one with a greedy wife who stole a new corpse liver cuz she ate her husbands dinner wen the ghost cums to kill the liver owner she tells it the husband has it.the light goes out and u hear him wail

this was lame:(

that was awesome!

oh my gosh thats crazy! like, the ghost didnt even take the hand back that i didnt understand thats why she went right to kill him and get the hand right? why not take it? he was dead!

it's not supposed to be SCARY. it's supposed to be ominous. creepy. spine-tingly. every story can't have gory details about the murder! :)


oh snapzors

nice,not to much,not to little,gives u goosebumps,but not to much to the point u wanna stop reading,good story.

im 11 but its not scary,but good story.

Haha great story! :D a bit dumb, but good

I'm 8,sooooo not scary.

pretty good...i would read more

hey fools stop trying to be manly and admit that it was a good and scary story

I've Read TONS Of Ghost stories I've Even Listened To Some They All CREEP ME OUT

I iz 9. I luv it!!!!

Pretty scary. I've heard scarier though. It's what he gets for being greedy and deciptive though.

It's not smart to post your age online.

wow that was scary when I read it I was to scared to move

im 8 and it don't scare me

holy crap

that was really freaky and i think if someone does that it means revenge

i loved this one!!

You've done it once more! Incredible writing.

i am 11, didn't scare me but was good

lol waste of time

ohh yeah right interesting ....can't believe he married for nthng...

what the helll was that was that for real

I'm 11 and it was boring

two words freakin crazy

OMG THIS IS VERY SCARYYY!! I FAINT JUST THE FIRST TIME I READ IT SCARYYYYY!!! but it stupid a man wanna marry a woman just for gold hand...he can just steal it!-_-

Wow, im 5 and i dont even think its scary!

Holy!!! that was soooooo scary! NOT! I'm 9 sooooooo not scary but very good

coooool i love this

wow tht was cool

Interesting. I'm not one to get scared just by word of mouch (or text) but that was pretty scaryyyy!


omg wth i luved it
so spooky i was alone while reading it and woah i was shaking too
i love scary stories but this one was like wow i really needed that to boost my day
it's so sad though- that both of them had too die for the golden hand that nobody recieved

the one i heard he sold the hand and when the maid found him he was missing his hand

omg that's really scary

you know i've heard wwwwwaaaaaayyyyy better ones but this is not bad

i heard this story in a different version with an old lady and a guy and a toe....

That was a true story apparently he only loved her because the golden hand was worth so much money and he killed her with a poisong in her wine and buried her in the cementry and came bacj to haunt him and finally used powers to locate her golden hand and use it to slit his throat

i will never get a wife with a golden arm


This is one of the best ghost story i have read!
It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm very intresting


OMG that mAde me wet my pants

its not really scary in my opinion but yes i enjoyed it.

Not really too scary but interesting and creepy. I loved it :-)

good wriiting but didnt scare me :} im lookin 4 somthin to scare me

holy cow this is scary

I've heard to many versions of this one for me to be scared. There's at least a version with a golden arm and a golden leg ;)

erm LMAO u people are kinda weird .. how iz this SCARY?

two words
scary ilove it

that was freaky!!!

not scary any more ive read it a thousand times

It was okay

Love it!

Reminds me of the golden arm but not that scary but scared me back when I was a child

i heard a diffrent version were the women went to three houses and asked for her golden hand the first to people said they didnt know what she was talking about but the third house she went to she found it in the basment killed the dude by sliting his throut and cut his guts out BTW she was dead

Hi! I loved it!

so scary i am putting it in my book

this story wasnt really scary but it was interesting

I read about it in a book that my mom gave to me.. i like the way they talked in rhyme ^_^

that was really scary

scary i have an aunt with a gold hand

im 13 and that kinda scared me

i liked it it was a good story, scary but not wet-your-pants scary. overall, good story

i liked it it was a good story, scary but not super scary. overall, good story

i liked it

OMG! I'm toaly creeped!

crazy nightmares are coming my way

Finally a story thats scary enough but no gore so i can read it to the kids at our halloween party. Buutt, ima not get any sleep tonight

im using this story for my project, and idk how "un-scary" it is

Wheeereee is my goldeeeen aaarmmmmm......


Teehee we used to tell this story to each other to make one another jump!

This is a good one we use to tell around the campfire, but the version I heard was "I Want My Golden Arm" and it belong to a man not a woman. But it's still a classic.

really very scaryyyyy


I heard a version where he stole her liver,and then she took his.

What a jerk, all he did was marry her for her golden hand! but still awesome story


wow that was pretty cool
actually, iv already read this story in a different book but it was a lttle different. the was you put it was better that the one i read. heeheehee:)

This story is pretty interesting. It shows that you shouldn't be greedy or you'll come to sticky end.
Pretty Creepy but.

the moral of the story: marry for love! Not for a possesion he/she has...
And it wasnt scary! But it wasa good story

He took her hand?!? How rude is he? He took the girls poor golden hand. Why did he have to kill her for it though. Could he not just ask her for it or perhaps get someone to make him one. Good for her... she killed him with the hand he took from her. good girl

I dont think i laughed any harder then when i read this to my best friend and then her brother flung her bedroom door open scareing the crap out of her!!!! Ahh what the power of $10 can get you! >:)

That was scary an I had tingles up my back every time I read a word

epic ending!i love it!

crazy scary

OMG That was not creepy at all

my teacher told me this story when i went on a camping trip in 4th grade when i lived up north. instead it was the guy that had died and haunted his wife.

this is the 3rd version almost the same. one was about a boy and he stole his dead uncles' liver. the other was about an old woman who found a big toe and the same ending for every one! p.s. they're all on this site!

i like it

lol amusing story to be honest and scary to think about it whew what an idiot what go around will come around eventually



Soo real omg so scary

good story

This was really scary story

sick and awesome story

I scared my sissy last night and she cried the whole night in her sleep.

That is so scary I felt like I needed to scream.

OMG that waz like scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy


omg this was so scarey i was trembling it WAS THE BEST EVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am now scared of gold!!!!!

Omg I'm scared cause yesterday a black thing was reching out 2 me and it had a golden hand. NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!

that was actually really good :)

this was scary!!!!! but ive heard a scaryer version... one day a man met a girl with a golden hand they got married and the girl took her glove off. the man screamd in his mind but he felt a chill run up is spine. the man took of the golden hand and she died. the man put her in the cematary and preyed to god. god god why did she half to die????. then that night he put the golden hand under his pillow. then in the middle of the night the door slammed shut and a hole bunch of wind blew in!!! well oveusly the man was freezing cold he felt another chill run up his spine then he heard a sound he heard ripping and scrunching all the sudden he was tugged bye a golden hand he was cholked bye a hand he didint no what it was untill he saw a gust of wind then a ghost came through the door!!! do u wanna read more

i read a dif version with a gold arm

Im so freaked out im scared to write about it!

I can just hear Vincent Price (or even Christopher lee) do this one on audio!!!!

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