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  • Bloody Mary Whales
    Old Man Whales was an evil man who loved money more than anything in the world, except his wife.
  • Resurrection Mary
    There was a dance that night at the Oh Henry Ballroom, so he slicked back his hair, jumped into his red convertible and cruised down Archer Street, hoping he’d meet… Read More »Resurrection Mary
  • The House Accursed
    The house was called the Isle of Pines, after a buccaneers’ rendezvous in the West Indies, and the owner made no attempt to conceal the strange plunder and curious weapons that he had brought home with him.
  • The Heart of the Monster
    There was during the time of the Watetash a monster living in the country of Kamiah in Central Idaho. This monster had the peculiar property of an irresistible breath, so that when it inhaled, the winds and grass and trees and even different animals would be sucked into its devouring maw.

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