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  • Bloody Mary
    The spirit of Bloody Mary returns to claim the lives of those saying her name in front of a darkened mirror.

  • The Blue Rocks
    The Devil has a temper tantrum and changes the landscape forever.

  • The Ghost in the Stacks
    A college student sees the ghost of a murdered girl haunting the library.

  • The Goblin of Easton
    A wicked monk is doomed to roam the woods as a foul goblin.

  • Hoop snakes
    Pennsylvania has a particularly mean variety of hoop snakes rolling about.

  • The Melt Shop
    The horrible ghost of a dead steel worker haunts the melt shop at night.

  • The Phantom Drummer
    The sound of a ghost drummer is heard just before tragedy strikes.

  • The Storm Hag
    A sea witch in Erie lures men to their death.

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